If your website doesn’t look respectable or readable on a phone, consider a website remodel. If your website could us a fresh, more modern look, consider a website remodel. If you want to make simple changes to your website, without having to hire a webmaster, consider a website remodel using WordPress. Businesses big and small are converting their websites to WordPress.

Your website is a reflection of the importance you place on customer service. It’s how your current and future customers evaluate you. Good first impressions are deal makers.

Take This Quiz

If your answer is “no” to most of these questions, you probably need to remodel your website:

  1. Yes or No: I can make minor edits to my website myself, without having to pay a webmaster.
  2. Yes or No: I am proud of my website. It represents my image and my brand well.
  3. Yes or No: My website doesn’t need to attract new customers or clients. I have more business than I can handle.
  4. Yes or No: My website is mobile-friendly (Test yours here). Even on a phone, people can easily read my content.
  5. Yes or No: My website works just as well on PCs and Mac systems. No obsolete Flash elements in my site.
  6. Yes or No: My website is integrated with social media platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, Google+, Twitter, and/or Instagram.
  7. Yes or No: My website is secure behind https. Visitors feel safe in my website when they can see the padlock in the browser address.
  8. Yes or No: I or someone on my staff keeps tabs on Google Analytics so I know where my website visitors are coming from and what pages are the most important.
  9. Yes or No: It’s easy to backup my website. My website gets backed up every day.

By the way, the website you are visiting right now can say “YES” to all of the above. We’d be crazy not to!

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