Most projects begin with a call or an email to us from a website manager or website owner, asking what we can do to modernize their website. Either it’s broken, or it looks stale, or it doesn’t display nicely on smart phones, or in some cases, they are just tired of looking at it!

Once you contact us, we begin with a no-cost analysis of your website, asking you what you like and don’t like. We ask you about your major competitors. We analyze your competitors’ websites and evaluate how your site compares. We analyze your Bounce Rate and give you an estimate of what it’s costing you to leave your site as is. We hope to have gained your confidence at this point.

Next, we present you with a written proposal to redesign or build your website in WordPress. Once our proposal is finalized and agreed upon, and we receive your down payment (usually one-third of the total cost), we begin creating your new website. We guarantee our work, so don’t be concerned about having to put money up front.

We create enough of the framework to invite you into our development server so you can monitor progress. This version of your new website is hidden from the public until we all agree that it’s ready to be deployed. At this point we ask for an additional one-third of the fee.

When the new website is ready for publishing, we agree on a go-live date and move the site from the development server to your domain. We usually do this during a “down time” such as late night. We test all links and test all display sizes for responsiveness. We write up and give you you all necessary documentation regarding your site’s essential credentials, and train you in how to make simple edits to your content. This completes our work and triggers the final invoice.

After your new website goes live, we can offer monthly support services at a reasonable fee. A typical support service agreement includes nightly backups of your website, upgrades to WordPress software, upgrades to WordPress plugins and widgets.

What We Bring to the Process

We are a virtual team, so our relationship with you will take place over phone and email. Our team brings a combined 27 years of website design, plus many years of working with graphics and content, in print and on the web. We published our first website in 1997. We are sticklers for excellence and firm believers in the concept of “Don’t Make Me Think” when designing website navigation.

What You Bring to the Process

We will ask you to identify who your major competitors are. We ask this so that we know we are offering you something superior or at least on a par with the businesses in your market.

Once we have an agreement to proceed, we will ask you for the login credentials for your domain registrar and your site’s current host.

Toward the end of the process, we will ask you for the email addresses for all the staff who have active email accounts @yourdomaninname.nnn

We will ask you to write any new content for your remodel. Alternatively we will write new content for you (baked into the fee in the proposal).

We will ask you to tell us what your site’s call to action should be. We encourage every site to have a clearly stated, above the fold, call to action.

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