What will it cost to remodel my website?

Maybe a better question is this: “What will it cost if I DON’T remodel my website?” People forget that an outdated website, one with broken links or old information, sends people away to a competitor’s website. Through our in-depth website analysis process, we can actually give you a sense of how much money you’re losing by measuring your website’s Bounce Rate. Your website’s usefulness to visitors is measured by its bounce rate. When visitors reach your website, whether accidentally or on purpose, they either stay for a while or they “bounce” away quickly. If your site isn’t engaging your visitors, if visitors are bouncing away, that’s lost business for you.

Until we get under the hood and take a look, it’s pretty hard to quote a fee. There are just too many variables to give you an estimate, or even a range of what it will cost. We offer a free, in-depth analysis (click to request) which helps us give you a sense of what our fees will be. We follow that with a proposal for you to consider.

Lots of things are taken into consideration when pricing a new website. A remodel can be less expensive than what you paid for your original website. You already have the content (words) written, and photos or graphics in place, so those are costs you would likely not have to pay for again. Unless, of course, you want all new words and graphics.

Every website is unique. Below are general fees for the work we do. The clock doesn’t start ticking until we are in full agreement about what you want us to do and how much it will cost.

In-depth analysis of your current website. We will produce a report of our findings and recommendations. No charge.

Hourly Rates

  • Based on the in-depth analysis, a comprehensive proposal for remodeling your website with estimate of hours required for completion.  No charge.
  • Hourly rate for as-needed WordPress support – $75
  • Hourly rate for writing new content – $50
  • Hourly rate for graphics manipulation – $75
  • Hourly rate for training you to edit your site – $50
  • Hourly rate for logo design or re-design – $75

Ongoing WordPress Support

This service is contractual, month by month, for us to perform necessary tasks to keep your WordPress site viable. Included:

  • Backup of your entire database nightly
  • Restore your site when needed
  • Update WordPress software, WordPress plugins, WordPress widgets as needed
  • Make updates to content or graphics, per your requests
  • Remind you of important dates to renew your domain registration or hosting services
  • Check all hyperlinks
  • Produce Google Analytics report for your review. This report will help you know more about the people who visit your website, and will help us capitalize on the pages that most appeal to visitors.