Empowering You On The Internet

Too often a customer commissions a website, and once it's completed it's a complete stranger to them, a place they are somewhat aware of, which coasts along unattended and unmonitored, in the hopes that it's reaching the target audience (fingers crossed, knock on wood!)

That's not good enough.

You need to be Empowered over your site.
You need tools to enable you to see how your site is doing on search engines like Google. Is it being found? What searches are being used? Who is finding it, from where, and are they actually visiting?
You need to be able to login to this site and keep your site fresh; make changes, updates and additions.
You need to know how, and where, to go to make these changes, and which login name goes with what.

We make sure when one of our sites is handed off to you that you are Empowered in all of these ways.
We register and integrate your site with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Bing/Yahoo Webmaster Tools so that you can see real-time infomation about EXACTLY how your site is doing on the search engines.
We provide you with a list of each and every username and password associated with your project, and the links to where you can use them.
We implement Free Open Source Software Content Management Systems like Joomla and WordPress so that you can control all your site content through a friendly Administrative web page, anytime, from anywhere.
We provide you and your staff with documentation and training on all these topics.

We document every stage of the development process before, during, and after the fact, the software that is used, the specific versions, and where you will find them.

We even provide you with a full copy of the Debian Linux XAMPP development server (the most popular development environment for LAMP software like Joomla and WordPress) that was used to create your site in our lab environment.
This virtual server comes in the form of an Oracle VirtualBox Appliance that you can import onto any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer (*with 4Gb ram and 50Gb free hard disk space) using free Oracle VirtualBox software. This development server can be used for training, practice, or as a development server in a lab environment.