Blueprint for Your Great Site

We have a proven implementation methodology that begins with a checklist and conversation with you, and ends with a successful launch of your new website. Between these two important milestones, there are regular check-ins as the site comes to life.

The process typically takes one to four weeks, depending on the complexity of your needs. If your content needs to be rewritten and graphics or photos need updating, the process can take longer.

The end product will be one you are immensely proud of, built on a popular platform that allows you to make timely changes to your site yourself. Alternatively, you can hire us or someone you trust to make modifications for you.

To get started, complete our Request a Quote form or call our Project Manager, Claudia Siegel, at 916-217-0805 (Pacific Time Zone).

Start with Research

We start with a conversation with you, during which we capture and collect as much information as we can about what you do and the message you want to send. We work with you to determine and outline the site that will work best for you.
We profile your customers and what they will be searching for, and how your competition is doing.
If you already have a website, we do an audit and analysis, and find your current search rank.
All of this gets combined together and documented into a Website Development Working Plan.


We work with you to come up with an overall design concept; we analyze and outline content ideas, and map out the pages, navigation, and behavior.
We help you find a Motif and Style, that is, Fonts, Colors, Images and Textures that complement your business and deliver your message.
We identify and plan any Custom Features that your site requires, such as Contact Forms, Map Insets, Content Sliders, Blogs, Forums, et al.

Generate And Organize Content

Writing a page of quality website text content is like writing a 250 word essay for a tough college class. It's far from an impossible task, but it is exacting, just the right words must be selected, the grammar and spelling must be absolutely perfect. Anything less is simply not acceptable.

This high level of text authoring quality is something we strive to maintain at Artisan Site Designs.

We also strive to maintain just as high a level of quality with graphics. We have years of experience working with standard photographic and raster type images, such as JPG, PNG, TIF, GIF and others, but we are also advocates of a cutting-edge form of graphics called Scaled Vector Graphics or SVG's for short.
SVG's are different from other graphics: They look great at any resolution, from tiny to huge. They can also be animated, and can themselves contain links and functions. Examples of animated SVG's on this site include the animated "Wings" logo on the home page, the "Responsive Demo," and the large gear on this page.

Designed for All Computers and Phones

Today's customers are just as likely to find your site on their iPhone or iPad, or Android mobile device.
Your site has to be just as readable and usable to these users as those who find you on their traditional Windows or Mac desktops.
The ability of a site to rearrange and resize its content to suit any given device is known as Responsive/Adaptive Design.
We design in mobile compatibility from the very start (which is the only way to do it unless you like doing the design work twice) through the application of the Bootstrap 3 framework, along with JavaScript and jQuery to allow even more mobile compatibility.
Responsive/Adaptive Design is not the only choice, but it usually is a better choice than (1) A separate mobile version of your site or (2) A custom App for your site. Why? Find out HERE.

Testing, Testing, and More Testing

We don't count on chance to make sure that your site will look good for every computer, browser, and device.

We test during the entire process on:
Windows Desktop and Laptop Systems, both large and small monitors, using Internet Explorer (versions 8+), Chrome, and Firefox for Windows
Apple Macintosh using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox for Mac OS X
iPhone and iPad (regular and retina both)
Android Phones and Tablets
Linux desktops using Chrome and Firefox

Upload It to The Web

We take care of the details of geting your site online, we:

Get your dot-com Domain registered, or (if necessary) get your existing Domain transferred.

Schedule an upload time window, then deploy the complete pre-developed site to hosting in one big quick step.

Get mail addresses set up on your dot-com, and get your computers or phone/pad devices set up to access these addresses.

Getting found on Search

The art of getting found on the Internet is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short

Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others all index the internet for content and keywords, match these up with searches, and returns searches to users.

It's not enough to launch a site and blindly hope that it's reaching your audience. You want to know if it's being found on Google searches, what people were searching for and from where. Did they visit? Do you have the right content and meta keywords?

We register and integrate your site with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Bing/Yahoo Webmaster Services so that you can actually see and graph this very information, in real time.

The other factor in being found is Page Rank, which determines how high on the list your site gets on a search. Search Engines use a complicated algorithm to determine page rank, but one thing they just can't get enough of is FRESH CONTENT.

We implement CMS systems such as Joomla to make it easy for you to create and modify excellent site content, but one of the easiest ways to create fresh content is Blogging, and we can build you a hybrid site with an embedded WordPress blog to make creating blog-style content even easier. You could even choose to allow your blog to grow into a forum.

We set up your site so that you control the little paragraph of text that appears with your link on searches, so that your audience gets your message even before they click on the link to your site.

Post Deployment Support

We provide you with a full backup of your site content, in both standard forms (SQL exports and file archives), but we also provide you with a copy of the full Linux system that your site was developed on, in the form of an Oracle VirtualBox image, which you can load (free) onto any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer* , to practice administration, make changes in a development environment, etc.
*(any machine with 4gb ram and 20Gb of free hard drive space)
We fully document your site, not just images and content, but all the specifics about the nuts-and-bolts software components that were used to build your system. We list all the links to your hosting, site administration, email, and other administrative functions, and a complete list of username/password credentials.
We can train you or your staff on updating your site.
Or you can outsource the updates to us at an affordable rate.