ASD Products defines an “ASD Product” Custom Post Type, a grouping Taxonomy, and a shortcode for inserting these ASD Product Types onto pages.

The primary function of the ASD Product Type is to insert JSON-LD Structured Data into the HTML Footer for the Product definition. Each ASD Product contains additional defined metadata such as Product Description, Rating, Image, etc.

If the ASD FastBuild Widgets are also installed, additional JSON-LD fields will be included with the ASD Product, including the Seller properties, and its included properties.

This Product Type does not include e-commerce Shopping Cart or Checkout functionality.

Shortcode Syntax

[asd_insert_products ids='123']
Inserts ASD Product with ID = 123.

[asd_insert_products ids='123,234']
Inserts ASD Products with IDs = 123 and 234

[asd_insert_products name='my-product-slug']
Inserts ASD Products with Slug (Name) my-product-slug

[asd_insert_products name='my-product-slug' template='my-product-template.php']
Inserts ASD Products with Slug (Name) my-product-slug and use a template named my-product-template.php

Version 0.20180227a Tue Feb 27 19:27:59 2018 -0500

JSON-LD ASD Product output working with ASD-FastBuild Widgets.

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