Appendix B: Alternative to Responsive/ Adaptive Design: Phone Apps

Another option for mobile device access to a website is to add "Mobile Apps" in addition to a website. Mobile apps, like all "apps" are actually custom pieces of software, designed to be installed and run on iPhone and Android type devices.
This option, installing and running actual software on the visitors phone, does enable all the powers that a phone app brings, however the costs can become much higher. In addition to a website (which you will still need for computer-based visitors) two pieces of software will need to be developed, tested, deployed, and maintained (one App for iPhone, another for Android).
Another issue with Mobile Apps is that a lot of people just don't want them! Their phones are very private and contain personal identity information, they don't want to take the risk of installing custom software just to visit a website.
It's not easy to justify the cost of and need for a Mobile App; the functionality they bring is usually unnecessary for the average site visitor.