About Artisan Site Designs

We’re not newcomers to website design or to WordPress. We published our first website in the late 1990s for a professional association in the San Francisco Bay Area. The basic rules of good website design which were true back then are still true today, with the common goal for website visitors of “Don’t Make Me Think.” We’ve amended that rule to say, “And Don’t Make Me Hunt.” Good website design respects both of those rules and that’s what underlies our designs.

Since those early days of website development, we have witnessed the evolution of site-building and editing tools such as WordPress. For us as site builders, WordPress open source code allows us to create fairly quickly the basic bones of a new or remodeled website. Even though the WordPress code is free to use, it takes a high level of skill to stitch together the modules, plugins, widgets and themes that are available. Add to that the talent to manipulate photos, graphics and videos, and you can start imagining what it takes to get a site from an idea to deployment.

At Artisan Site Designs, we are contributing to the body of WordPress open source code, creating custom plugins and themes which we use in our work with clients. These custom features not only benefit us with new efficiences, but they also benefit clients doing their own site maintenance.